Developing technology that transforms Nonprofits

Rely on our nonprofit experience.

We help nonprofit organizations streamline data collection, promote education, and maximize engagement. From real-time tracking of donor and donation data to custom iOS and Android applications to connect directly to those in need, our team of professionals has been developing software and platforms for nonprofit organizations for over a decade. Our experienced team is ready to work with you to develop solutions and technology to transform your nonprofit organization.


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Diversified solutions across the nonprofit spectrum.

DevDigital partners with nonprofits to empower change and encourage impact because we believe technology has the power to do good. With our development methodology, experts, and diversified set of development offerings and services, we develop quality solutions that improve your organization’s efficiency and increase donor engagement.


  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Learning Management System
  • Technology Product Road Map
  • AI/Machine Learning


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ADA Compliance
  • Creative Services
  • UI/UX
  • Hosting
  • Marketing Strategy

Quality that optimizes.

Our experienced developers create quality solutions that ensure your organization makes the most of every donation. From our planning team down to our quality assurance team, we have the experience and knowledge to deploy the right strategies for your nonprofit organization.

Connections that count.

Our business professionals will help maximize your efforts in connecting those in need with the right resources. From connections through iOS and Android applications to community job boards and blogs, our team can help you make the most significant impact on those that need it most.

Solutions to empower organizations and encourage impact.

Helping nonprofit organizations streamline data collection, promote education, and maximize engagement is our primary objective. By designing our solutions to create sustainable growth, DevDigital knows how to equip nonprofits with digital tools to be more efficient with their resources. Our experts have extensive knowledge in developing custom CRM solutions, data analytics, and visualization and allowing accessibility with automation.

Custom CRM solutions

We partner with nonprofit organizations to help them manage customers or donors through custom CRM solutions, identify opportunities, make data accessible throughout the cloud, and keep information secure with cybersecurity infrastructure.

Data analytics and visualizations

Our business analysts and data visualization experts will help keep your data filtered and sorted, painting an accurate picture of your analytics. We can identify any potential inefficiencies by putting data taken from multiple sources together to track trends and analyze results.

Remaining in compliance

We’ll help make sure your nonprofit organization is in good standing, compliant, and operational. Our team will help you manage your records, keep your website and other platforms ADA-compliant to maintain the accessibility of your message for all.

You can rely on our transparency and availability to communicate with you throughout the life of your project.

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Developing technology that transforms Nonprofits.

  • iOS and Android health app that allows users to track hydration, food intake, nutrition facts, medication reminders, potential side effects, and meal planning
  • Interactive children’s mobile app that allows users to create and share artwork with loved ones while receiving treatment
  • Website with a custom event portal that stores event information, registrations, donations, parking information, questionnaires, and surveys
  • Governmental entities platform that offers risk management resources to citizens through an interactive information library, claim submittals, grants, scholarships, and training
  • Mobile app that allows users to connect directly with members of the community to donate new and gently used items foregoing charges for thrift stores and donation centers
  • Fully optimized website that grabs the attention of donors
  • Web platform that offers information, therapy, and education to the incarcerated, those leaving incarceration, and children of the incarcerated
  • Newspaper vendor portal that allows vendors to purchase social justice newspapers for a small fee that they can then resell to the community for a profit providing jobs to the less fortunate
  • Multiple mobile-friendly websites with a custom back-end Content Management System that provides tools to help those with kidney and organ failure calculate daily nutrition using a tailored calculator
  • Web platform that connects those with organ failures to resources within the community for health management, treatment centers, and charitable contributions towards those treatments
  • Online community job board connecting veterans with employment opportunities throughout the city
  • Web-based portal that promotes knowledge and use of herbs through educational programs, research, and experience